Bloomsbury-Qatar Children’s Books Half Price?

The bright-colored, award-winning children’s-book translations from Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing, such as إلغرفول، شئ آخر، و أفرضي  are apparently now all the quality, half the price.

I discovered, while visiting al-Balsam Bookstore on its first anniversary, that BQFP titles that were once a difficult 60LE (I think I said a little “ouch” when I bought  إلغرفول) are now around half as much.

So this is apparently the time to buy!

Last night, I read the boys—particularly the three-year-old—أفرضي several times, and they were utterly charmed. The story is simple, but the illustrations are so eye-poppingly wonderful that the book is impossible to resist.

Other discount news in Cairo:

A tweet from @alefbookstore promises: Discount on Arabic Books up to 20% & on English Books up to 25%. Working hours: #Zamalek & #Merghany 11AM-11PM & Alex 11AM-12AM #EgyptReads.

At Kotob Khan today (New Ma’adi), books are discounted in celebration of the store’s 5th birthday.

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2 Responses to Bloomsbury-Qatar Children’s Books Half Price?

  1. reem says:

    Do you think i can find those books online? 🙂 The ones from Bloomsbury-Qatar Children’s Books Half Price?

    on another note I LOVE your website, i visit it on a weekly if not daily basis 🙂 Keep it up.


    • mlynxqualey says:

      It depends on where you are! You can get many BQFP titles on Amazon, although I’m not sure if they’ve lowered the prices there….

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