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10 Tips for Writing (an Arabic) Children’s Book from Rania Hussein Amin

This ran in Al Masry Al Youm, but I can’t find the Arabic version at the moment. For now, the English version of Farhana creator Rania Hussein Amin’s excellent tips on writing. Continue reading

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Cairo Gets Second Children’s Bookstore

We were driving around the southern suburb of Ma3di today, in search of end-of-the-year gifts for my seven-year-old’s teacher and classroom assistant, when suddenly I told my husband: “Stop the car!” Continue reading

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If You’re in Jordan…

If you’re in Jordan, Majdalawi Masterpieces invites you to meet the ‘Iqraa award-winners, Walid Taher and Ibtisam Barakat. Majdalawi Masterpieces bookstore cordially invites you for a very special STORY TELLING EVENING with award winning children’s authors Walid Taher from Egypt … Continue reading

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If You’re in the UAE, Celebrate Father’s Day at مكتبة كان ياما كان

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ابتاع vs. اشترى and the Challenge of Children’s Book Vocabulary

Reader Skander recently posted in the comments here a complaint about the “bizarre” vocabulary found in some picture books. Continue reading

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Diaspora Arabic-readers: Three-day Discount on Puzzles, Stencils, and Blocks

I feel a bit odd reporting on a sale. But, first, I love these puzzle cards from Syria-based Bright Fingers and, second, well, $10.95 is not cheap. (I can’t remember what I paid for mine at the Sharjah International Book … Continue reading

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Read to Your Newborn? ماذا تقرا مع مولودك؟

Newborns are calmed by the rhythmic sounds of lullabies and nursery rhymes. Continue reading

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