5 Revolution Reads for Kids

*النقطة السوداء . If there is a children’s book that “predicted” the revolution, it’s Walid Taher’s Etisalat Prize-winningالنقطة السوداء. This wonderful book shows how a “black dot” can come and cripple our lives, and how we can get rid of it by chipping away together. A wonderful conversation-starter and an inspiration. Ages: 5-105.

*نلسون مانديلا and غاندي are two well-timed titles from Al-Balsam Publishing House. They look at revolutionary heroes from South Africa and India, and examine the possibility of change from a nonviolent perspective. Ages: 8+

*الرئيس, the classic book by  بردي , available from Al-Balsam Bookstore. Ages: 5-105.

*الوطن    by فاطمة المعدول, a beautiful short story about what “my country” is, and what it means to me (and who belongs within it). Ages 2-8.

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