4 New (“رمضانيات”) and Old (“كان زمان”) Books for Ramadan

Kalimat promises to have a new and lovely-looking Ramadan book available next week. They have shared a glimpse of “رمضانيات” on their Facebook page. For those who haven’t glimpsed:

Other Ramadan reads in Arabic (there are many, many more in English) include كان زمان, by حلمي التوني, published by Dar el-Shorouk. This is really a coloring book, although it’s a lovely one, and the images are labeled and provide good fodder for discussion about Ramadans past.

Dar al-Salwa’s Taghreed Najjar also has a Ramadan book, عندما دق الباب, which was inspired by her then-four-year-old daughter who thought Christmas was much more fun.

And Kalimat published an Eid-themed book last year around this time,  حذاء العيد, by award-winning children’s book author Fatima Sharafeddine.

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One Response to 4 New (“رمضانيات”) and Old (“كان زمان”) Books for Ramadan

  1. Inas says:

    What a beautiful post Marcia!, chapeau 🙂

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