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إلي كل الأصدقاء، و كتبهم ، كل سنة وانتم بخير


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‘Diwan Kids’ Now Open in Zamalek

My husband has been there, and described it as “a toy store.” (Nothing against toy stores, but that was how he experienced it.) I’ll have to visit and see for myself…

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More Children Reading Online: Are We Adjusting?

According to a new Literacy Trust poll, more children are reading online than read…comics! The study was done in the UK, so it doesn’t necessarily apply to any Arabic-reading nation or Arabic-reading children. However, we can guess that more and … Continue reading

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أنا عايزة أتعلم منك: Dirty Tricks

Yesterday, I realized that my eight-year-old (who was just eight a few days ago) hadn’t read a book in 48 hours. Well, perhaps he’d browsed through a few, but he’d really become enamored of some toys he got for his … Continue reading

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The Trouble of Translating Children’s Books into Arabic

Over at ArabLit, we’re running a series of “translators’ rules” every Thursday. This Thursday, award-winning author and translator Fatima Sharafeddine generously shared her rules. But in addition to her 12 general “rules” for translating children’s literature, she also added some … Continue reading

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One More Week to Submit for This Year’s Etisalat Prize!

There’s no time to waste: August 31 is the deadline for submitting of applications for the 3rd annual Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature. The winner will be announced in November, at the opening of the 30th Sharjah International Book … Continue reading

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أنا عايزة أتعلم منك: How Do I Make My Kids Read?

A friend’s relative told me that she’d heard I knew a secret. Oh? I said. Continue reading

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