More Children Reading Online: Are We Adjusting?

A new book available free online, courtesy of the ICDL and the Tamer Institute.

According to a new Literacy Trust poll, more children are reading online than read…comics!

The study was done in the UK, so it doesn’t necessarily apply to any Arabic-reading nation or Arabic-reading children. However, we can guess that more and more children are being exposed to screen-reading worldwide.

Do we have screen stories?

This morning, while on Hassan Blasim’s IraqStory website, I found قصص للأطفال والناشئة, but they don’t have illustrations, and probably aren’t visually exciting enough for many children. (Note to graphic designers: Go pitch in and illustrate them!)

There are a growing number of story-apps for the iPad and iPhone, particularly for the youngest children. For instance, al-Salwa books has a new story app associated with the book أي شيء.

There’s also the site from al-Salwa.

The عالم سمسم website is still around with stories and games.

The International Children’s Digital Library has new books in Arabic, including a new freebie, ديمة , from the Tamer Institute!

What other reading-rich websites (not just games) are available online in Arabic?

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One Response to More Children Reading Online: Are We Adjusting?

  1. sophie says:

    It’s painful, but it’s hopeless to struggle against screens…and I think that in a few decades (optimistic scale) they won’t be paper books anymore:-/ As well as I think our kids won’t use pens anymore, just type on phones & pads. It’s called evolution 😉
    I don’t know many online books in arabic, but note the “haltabees” app for ipad!

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