Araboh.Com: Getting Serious About Making Arabic Fun

There is an article in The National about Jinanne Tabra, the young founder of Araboh.Com, who’s aiming to up the fun quotient of Arabic children’s literature.

From the article:

Although she was fluent in spoken Arabic, she struggled to read and write, but found she was not alone. Even teenagers who had grown up in the Middle East were more fluent in English than their native tongue.

And when her mother, Dawn, who was working as a librarian, pointed out that Qatari parents were complaining that their children preferred reading books in English than in Arabic, something clicked.

“Children growing up the way I grew up did not stand a chance,” she says. “I decided to set up the website as a resource for people like me around the world.”

The site also has a blog, with some news about Arabic, particularly learning it.

And I didn’t realize until today that there’s also a kids’ section on the website. I don’t seem to have the right Java for the games, but surely they’re worth trying!

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One Response to Araboh.Com: Getting Serious About Making Arabic Fun

  1. Sophie says:

    Very nice website & blog! Thanks for sharing, Marcia!

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