Calling All Private Schools in Cairo: Join This Reading Initiative for Kids

The Maadi-based bookstore Kalila & Dimna is launching a new initiative,  مسابقة المصري الصغير للقراءة و الابداع. 

The following came from Kalila w Dimna co-founder Nermeen Magdi:

  • This competition, which spans across Cairo’s private schools, aims at entering a new phase of the children reading culture, where children would be more exposed to our local production of Arabic children literature which would in turn boost writers and artists creativity.
  • Moreover we hope that the competition would be a starting point for children to appreciate their mother language, which is an integral part of their identity and the only window into learning their heritage
  • In this competition, children from grade 1 to grade 8 will choose from preselected, Arabic fiction titles and will be asked to either write a summary of the story or draw their impression of the story.
  • Titles chosen, all of which are recent publications, are diverse in ideas, writers and illustrators to cater to the different tastes and interests of children. Some of which are award winning.
  • A panel of experts in child education, children writers and artists will be judging the contributions of Cairo’s children
  • Competition will be crowned at the end with a grand event where guest figures and judges will hand out prizes and awards for winning contributions.
For more information about the contest & the books:
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