Farhana as an App?

I am being left hopelessly in the dust as I lack an iPad or iPhone, or other device on which to experience digital children’s books: 

I saw the following about Egypt’s Sascha Books:

The company also hopes to bring other publishing houses, like Dar al Shurou [Dar al Shorouk?] and Elias Publishing House in Lebanon, on board, to convert their series of children books, Farhana [by Rania Hussein Amin, I assume!], into interactive books on Sacha Books. They’re primarily targeting the Saudi Arabian market, with the Arabic books, and yet will also offer English and French to reach a broader regional and global market. Read more.

Others with digital/interactive books are, of course, Al Salwa and Al HudHud.

Meanwhile, I am exploring different Arabic curricula for my four-year-old, mostly of the old-fashioned paper variety. But certainly I see the appeal of helping children learn to read with digital and interactive applications.

Thanks to Rupert for sending along the link to this story.

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4 Responses to Farhana as an App?

  1. jessyz says:

    I actually wish there were more Arabic ebooks (not apps) while I own both an iPad and a kindle, I prefer reading the books with my 5 year old. While paper books are wonderful but I find ebooks more environmental friendly, take up less space and you can take more of them with you on road trips and the such.

    • mlynxqualey says:

      You’re so right, I know my kids would like apps and would learn from them, too. Can people get apps on a Kindle fire? Ahhh, I wish I weren’t so ignorant.

  2. SA says:

    I know a great Book App in Arabic. It’s called “Perrette and the Pot of Milk”. It was voted second on iHeartThisApp.com and received great reviews. It’s available on both Android and Apple Store. It’s also translated in 4 other languages and acts like a translator for kids as well to encourage them to learn a second language. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/perrette-and-the-pot-of-milk/id512802029?mt=8

  3. AA, I’d like to note how much I like your blog and I think you’re doing a great job delivering this message that Arab children need to read and need to love reading in the Arabic language. ANd luckily we share the same goal at @Edukitten.com where we develop interactive books and educational games for children on mobile devices. You can see our work here:
    Kindly check them and give us your feedback at sarah.abunar@edukitten.com
    Co-founder of Edukitten

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