Dar al-Saqi Launches ‘Saqi Kids’

Last week, the Lebanese publishing house Dar al Saqi launched a “Saqi Kids” website. 

It seems to be still under construction — at this point, they mostly have listings of their books, separated into “children” and “teens.”

There are still very few websites that have any book teasers or learn-to-read games online. Al Salwa’s lovely website is mostly for parents and teachers, and while you can read the first page of a few books on Kalimat’s website, it’s just a tiny pinch to get you to buy the book. There are the same few books that have been on the Alam Simsim website for a couple years now and a few other reading-oriented games here and there. But no big “learn to read” project that I’ve run across.

It would be great to develop a whole Arabic learn-to-read program online, like Starfall.Com, although I have no idea how they support themselves.

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