Syraj 20% Sale: Books, DVDs, and Music Recommended By My Children

The North American distributor Syraj.Com is having a big sale. I’m sure this sounds like an advertisement, and I’m sorry for that, but I don’t know of other distributors of Arabic children’s literature and games in North America.

They don’t have all the titles I’d like (I suppose I’d need to make my own store for that!) but some recommendations from my children from the items available at the Syraj store.

Recommended by the 19-month-old

 صديقتي الدعسوقة – He must like the glitter, the rhythmic text, and the friendly ladybug. There are three other books in the series, but he hasn’t seen them.

أصبح كالسمكة – The baby loves all the books in this series, written by celebrated Lebanese author Fatima Sharafeddine, including أشهى لقمة and هيا نم (although let’s not be ridiculous, it doesn’t really make him go to bed). The text is easy to chant and these are among the few bath and cloth books available in Arabic. Cute drawings, too.

Recommended by the 4-year-old

Ahazeej Arabic Nursery Rhymes, books and CD – This is an overlap; recommended by the baby and the 4-year-old. Fun songs and great drawings that reinforce one another. You can see video samples online.

He also recommends the DVD My Arabic Alphabet (PART 1 & 2) (Baby-7yrs) Little Thinking Minds but what he really likes is the CD that we got with it, which he regularly asks to play in the car. As for myself, I don’t need to hear the alphabet song ever again, but he really likes it.

SET of 10: Complete Halazone Series: Jude’s Adventures – Jude gets into situations much like any young child — she procrastinates on her homework, she has a difficult relationship with her younger brother — and although the stories always end positively, there’s no heavy moral and the books are about relating to character.

بيت للأرنب الصغير – This is a must-have. Repetition, charming animal characters, a little bit of danger, and the child gets to know what’s going on all along. Get the interactive CD, too. Commended by the Anna Lindh Foundation and longlisted for the Etisalat.

ليلى ردي على – About learning to communicate across boundaries. Also commended by Anna Lindh.

Recommended by the 9-year-old

Mostly, he’s into comics at the moment (you know, ميكي  and such), but he also wanted to recommend أ ب ت المرحة, a cute flip book that lets kids mix and match parts of animals and various characteristics.

I’m trying out…

I thought this memory game from Dar al Hadaek might be something all three boys could do together?

And I also admit to buying…

This and this, although I’m a bit shamefaced about it.

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5 Responses to Syraj 20% Sale: Books, DVDs, and Music Recommended By My Children

  1. Amira says:

    Thank you for all recent posts (and welcome back!). There is another online book store that caters to north America called Sanabil Books They are at:

  2. Sophie says:

    We have already some of them, it’s just very difficult for us to get the books as the shipping fees from the US or from the Middle East are huge :-/ I found some on Amazon, but mostly they’re “unavailable now”. Some others at bookfairs.

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