Congratulations to Authors, Illustrators Longlisted for 2013 Sheikh Zayed Award

The children’s longlist was announced todayalong with the longlist for translated titles.


Book title Author Publisher
1 (Arbizi and Grandma Wardah)

Al Arbizi wal Jaddah Wardah

Muna Al Sharafi Arab Scientific Publishers, Beirut ,2012
2 (A story of an Oyster)
Hikayat Mahara
Flora Majdalawi Majdalawi Masterpieces, Amman, 2012
3 (Jameela’s Eyes)
Oyoun Jamilah
Najla’ Jalal Al Sayyed Allam Al-Dar al-Masriah al-Lubnaniah, 2012
4 (The Warnings of March)
Natheer Athar
Riham Khaled Ba Hussein Dar Al Thafra, UAE, 2012
5 (To whom are the Olives for?)
liman Al Zaytoun?
Fatima Sharafeddine Dar al-Saqi, Beirut 2012
6 Waste Planet
(Kawkab Al Nifayat)
Mikkawi Sa’eed Zahra’ Al Sharq Library, Beirut 2012
7 (Seven Souls)
Saba’a Arwah
Walid Taher Dar al Shurooq, Cairo 2012
8 (Tales of Fannoun)
Hikayat Fannoun
Sahar Abdullah Elias Modern Publishing, Cairo 2012
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