North Americans: Syraj Going 100% Digital, Liquidating Stock; Last Day to Buy…Today!

For those, like myself, who were sad to see Syraj go and had not yet made their final purchases — well, the time is now!

Today’s email from Syraj:

Syraj is going 100% digital. Books, DVDs & CDs will no longer be available. SHOP NOW & take advantage of our Big Liquidation SALE & Deep Discounts. Hurry! Today is the last day to save – Shop Now!

Visit the website here.

Some suggestions:

Arnoub bilingual audio book: We’ve used this in the Arabic class for four-to-seven-year-olds to excellent effect.

حيواني المفضل : This is a fun, sweet book with lots of colorful animals, 3-7.

Arabic Nursery Rhymes – I don’t have this DVD (just the CDs and books that accompany it), but I wish I did!

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