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More Suggestions from My 2-Year-Old on Starting a Preschool Arabic Library

Sometimes children who are not interested in a range of children’s books intended for their age-group will be motivated to listen to stories about movie and TV characters…. Continue reading

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Rania Amin on Arabic Children’s Books That Tackle Environmental Issues

I shan’t repeat here what I wrote over there, but instead want to share the full version of an email Q&A I did with Farhana author Rania Hussein Amin (who will be appearing at Cairo’s Al-Balsam Books Saturday) about her forays into environmentally themed literature for children. Continue reading

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3alam Simsim Website Now Features Several Read-aloud Stories

I don’t know when the good folks at عالم  سمسم upgraded their website; I just found the new features this morning when looking for an image. There are five stories up in the قصص section; some are more “story”-like than … Continue reading

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Dear 3alam Simsim: We Need ‘Reach for the Sky’ Events for Reading

The National reports that Sesame Street will be coming to the UAE on a “science mission.” The Abu Dhabi-based paper says: Live shows performed by well-loved characters such as Elmo, Bert and Ernie will be combined with a host of … Continue reading

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Page One: اسمك هنا… يرسم الدنيا

So far…so easy.

Page one was more or less just a copying exercise (like school, unfortunately), except that my six-and-three-quarters-year-old swapped out Nimnim’s name for his own. Continue reading

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An Appreciation for Arabic Books-from-TV: عالم سمسم

I am generally not the sort to appreciate Pooh, Dora, Elmo, Spiderman, Mickey, and Barney. My husband claims that, before we had children, I scoffed at these characters and said they would never be allowed in my home. Now, of … Continue reading

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