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Syraj 20% Sale: Books, DVDs, and Music Recommended By My Children

The North American distributor Syraj.Com is having a big sale. I’m sure this sounds like an advertisement, and I’m sorry for that, but I don’t know of other distributors of Arabic children’s literature and games in North America. They don’t … Continue reading

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Review: سلسلة السمكة الذهبية from دار السلوى and the Daily جدول قراءتي

Most of the leveled “easy readers” that I’ve come across, in Arabic, have been translations of reading series from English or French. This often means that—even with “level one” books—the vocabulary used in the books isn’t so “easy” at all. Continue reading

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A Little (No, Big!) Literary Triumph

Last year Magrudy’s bookstores announced that the popularity of Arabic books was rising, and claimed that Arabic titles now accounted for “nearly 20 per cent” of its sales in the UAE. The flipside to that statement is, of course, that the vast majority of sales are of foreign-language titles. Reading in Arabic is not, it is fair to say, the region’s favourite pastime. Continue reading

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فرحانة تتكلم وتتكلم and the Importance of ‘Dialogic Reading’

Recently, the Huffington Post published an essay by Maxwell King and Michael Robb, Ph.D about one of the important ways we can help our children learn.

Talking. Continue reading

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Favorites of 2010: Books to Help Emerging Readers

There are a number of publishers who have out leveled readers or other books geared to help emerging Arabic-language readers. Lebanon’s Asala, for instance, has out a series. My seven-year-old and also I enjoy the leveled readers from Dar el Shorouk, although he prefers the “Clifford” books for easy reading. Continue reading

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More Suggestions from My 2-Year-Old on Starting a Preschool Arabic Library

Sometimes children who are not interested in a range of children’s books intended for their age-group will be motivated to listen to stories about movie and TV characters…. Continue reading

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Join the Buzoor Community: أحب العربي

The Buzoor online community is live! Continue reading

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