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For Reluctant Readers, 6-9: “الغاز الرمال” and “أأين حمادة؟”

I have found that, for my eldest son, who has fallen deeply and passionately in love with English books (for many reasons: the way Arabic is taught, etc. etc.), the easiest way to make him re-engage with Arabic is a … Continue reading

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Calling All Private Schools in Cairo: Join This Reading Initiative for Kids

The Maadi-based bookstore Kalila & Dimna is launching a new initiative,  مسابقة المصري الصغير للقراءة و الابداع.  The following came from Kalila w Dimna co-founder Nermeen Magdi: This competition, which spans across Cairo’s private schools, aims at entering a new phase of the children reading culture, … Continue reading

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أنا عايزة أتعلم منك: Dirty Tricks

Yesterday, I realized that my eight-year-old (who was just eight a few days ago) hadn’t read a book in 48 hours. Well, perhaps he’d browsed through a few, but he’d really become enamored of some toys he got for his … Continue reading

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أنا عايزة أتعلم منك: How Do I Make My Kids Read?

A friend’s relative told me that she’d heard I knew a secret. Oh? I said. Continue reading

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Review: سلسلة السمكة الذهبية from دار السلوى and the Daily جدول قراءتي

Most of the leveled “easy readers” that I’ve come across, in Arabic, have been translations of reading series from English or French. This often means that—even with “level one” books—the vocabulary used in the books isn’t so “easy” at all. Continue reading

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Favorites of 2010: Books to Help Emerging Readers

There are a number of publishers who have out leveled readers or other books geared to help emerging Arabic-language readers. Lebanon’s Asala, for instance, has out a series. My seven-year-old and also I enjoy the leveled readers from Dar el Shorouk, although he prefers the “Clifford” books for easy reading. Continue reading

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Coming Soon: More and a Greater Variety of Arabic Comics!

Educators worldwide are coming around to the idea that comic books are a wonderful gateway to reading. Some even believe—as I do—that the best graphic novels are a literary end in themselves. Continue reading

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