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Read This Blog Instead

Kel Shahr Kteib ( is a new bilingual blog, in Arabic and English, about Arabic children’s literature, written by Susanne Abou Ghaida.  Abou Ghaida writes: “I also hope that in your own exploration of the world of Arabic children’s book, … Continue reading

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What’s the Right Age for Al-Salwa’s Book and CD Collection ‘أهازيج الطفولة المبكرة’

Obviously, from the title and the fact that these are board books, the appropriate child for al-Salwa’s أهازيج الطفولة المبكرة series is my middle one: the three-year-old. Continue reading

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30-second Review: عائلة هيكل

عائلة هيكل , created by Janet and Allen Ahlberg and translated by Mahmoud Gaafer, is newly out in Arabic from Bloomsbury Qatar. It’s a “night in the life” story of a skeleton family: a big skeleton, a small one, and their skeleton dog. Continue reading

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It’s Time to Re-Read الوطن

What is الوطن, or a homeland? Continue reading

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Review: سلسلة السمكة الذهبية from دار السلوى and the Daily جدول قراءتي

Most of the leveled “easy readers” that I’ve come across, in Arabic, have been translations of reading series from English or French. This often means that—even with “level one” books—the vocabulary used in the books isn’t so “easy” at all. Continue reading

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فرحانة تتكلم وتتكلم and the Importance of ‘Dialogic Reading’

Recently, the Huffington Post published an essay by Maxwell King and Michael Robb, Ph.D about one of the important ways we can help our children learn.

Talking. Continue reading

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Doha Book Fair Finds: The قصة و كوسى Series

How on Earth—you might legitimately ask—did it take me so long to pick up the قصة و كوسى series, which has been out now for several years, since the birth of my first son? Continue reading

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