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In Other Words: When Translation Stifles Local Talent

Meanwhile, in Al Masry Al Youm this week, I argue that translation isn’t always a good thing. Even the semi-awake reader will notice that I just called for more translation of children’s books (out of Arabic). But what about into Arabic? … Continue reading

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Why Translate Children’s Books (from Arabic)?

I gave a very short talk this morning (I hope, at least, my brevity was appreciated!) at the Sharjah International Book Fair’s pre-fair professional program. It was a follow-up to our discussion yesterday about Arabic literature in (and out of) … Continue reading

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The Trouble of Translating Children’s Books into Arabic

Over at ArabLit, we’re running a series of “translators’ rules” every Thursday. This Thursday, award-winning author and translator Fatima Sharafeddine generously shared her rules. But in addition to her 12 general “rules” for translating children’s literature, she also added some … Continue reading

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Are Translations Suffocating the Arabic Children’s Book Market?

…the massive influx of translated work which can often overshadow books written originally in Arabic, therefore making it more challenging for Arab authors to shine and “find their shelf space.” Continue reading

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Notes from Sharjah: Orion Picks up طريقتي الخاصّة for English Translation

Orion picks up Kalimat book about coming to wear hijab: طريقتي الخاصّة. Continue reading

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Local vs. Translated Arabic Literature for Kids: What Do We Need More?

The U.S. and U.K. are famous for translating very little adult literature (just 2-3 percent of the total literary output each year, by most measures). And certainly no one should want to imitate this lack of openness to the outside world. Continue reading

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The Poetry of Translating Children’s Books: The Gruffalo and الغرفول

I have now read الغرفول in English and Arabic dozens of times to my two sons, feeling its texture and rhythm in both languages. The book is charming—for those who haven’t read it, my goodness! hie thee to a bookstore!—and … Continue reading

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