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10 Tips for Writing (an Arabic) Children’s Book from Rania Hussein Amin

This ran in Al Masry Al Youm, but I can’t find the Arabic version at the moment. For now, the English version of Farhana creator Rania Hussein Amin’s excellent tips on writing. Continue reading

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For Aspiring Egyptian Authors 16+ – أسس الكتابة للشباب

من مكتبة البلسم: يسعدنا أن نعلن عن ورشة لتعليم “أسس الكتابة للشباب” للموهوبين فوق 16 سنة مع د. نبيل فاروق يوم 16 أبريل الساعة 7 مساءاً Continue reading

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A Story-writing Tool We Could Develop in Arabic?

Then—over at the website “Everybody Writes”—I came across what seems like an excellent idea for helping children create their own story lines. Continue reading

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How Can Schools Inspire More Literary Creativity in Children?

This is the question Edward Nawotka poses over at Publishing Perspectives, following his publication’s profile of London’s extremely fun-sounding “Ministry of Stories.”
Continue reading

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Calling UAE Kids! Write a Story about الأحجية أو اللغز and Win!

Creative-writing opportunities for children are blooming! This time, it’s in the UAE, courtesy of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature (2011). There are four categories (under 11, 12-14, 15-18, and 18+ undergraduates) and two separate tracks: Arabic and English. Continue reading

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Pages 2 and 3: اسمك هنا… يرسم الدنيا

So far, as you’ll see, he hasn’t ventured too far away from the “authoritative text.” He had a hard time deciding what he wanted to do after flowers (Nimnim did trees first, and then flowers near the tree), and eventually he decided on an apple tree. Continue reading

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Page One: اسمك هنا… يرسم الدنيا

So far…so easy.

Page one was more or less just a copying exercise (like school, unfortunately), except that my six-and-three-quarters-year-old swapped out Nimnim’s name for his own. Continue reading

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