October’s Featured Book: بيت للأرنب الصغير

For October, I felt I should feature a book longlisted for the Etisalat Prize for Arabic Children’s Literature or on the Anna Lindh Foundation “honor list”: So why feature a book that’s on both lists?

Two books have this honor: العمة زيون و شجرة الزيتون and بيت للأرنب الصغير. So this month’s book is بيت للأرنب الصغير, written by Taghreed Najjar and illustrated by Reem Askari, in part because of all the “extras” that come along with the book.

For instance, I don’t yet have my hands on a copy, but you can see a video excerpt from the book here.

According to publisher Al-Salwa, in the book:

Arnoub decides to look for a new home to escape from his noisy neighbor Filo the elephant.

Arnoub embarks on a long and exciting journey whereby he faces disappointment and danger but is finally rewarded with a new home with lovely Arnouba..

You can find بيت للأرنب الصغير in bookstores in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, the UAE, the U.S., Kuwait, Sweden(!) and Saudi Arabia.

ISA it will soon be available in Egypt as well.


2 Responses to October’s Featured Book: بيت للأرنب الصغير

  1. bodour Al Qasimi says:

    This is one of my favourite books. The CD, that is sold separately, is also really great.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hi –
    My son will be taking his Brevet exam in Lebanon this year – he has American citizenship but does not want to enter the IP program. However, his vocab and composition skills are weak. He loves reading in English but I was wondering are there Arabic books for teenagers out there?


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