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فرحانة تتكلم وتتكلم and the Importance of ‘Dialogic Reading’

Recently, the Huffington Post published an essay by Maxwell King and Michael Robb, Ph.D about one of the important ways we can help our children learn.

Talking. Continue reading

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‘فرحانة’ Book Event in Pictures (And Why We Need More of These)

What I liked about this event was how Rania encouraged them all to become storytellers, illustrators, and authors. Not only did they listen, but they created. Continue reading

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Rania Amin on Arabic Children’s Books That Tackle Environmental Issues

I shan’t repeat here what I wrote over there, but instead want to share the full version of an email Q&A I did with Farhana author Rania Hussein Amin (who will be appearing at Cairo’s Al-Balsam Books Saturday) about her forays into environmentally themed literature for children. Continue reading

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Don’t Miss Award-winning ‘Farhana’ Author Rania Hussein Amin at Al-Balsam Books (Cairo) – حفل توقيع “فرحانة” بمكتبة البلسم

تنظم مكتبة البلسم للأطفال حفل توقيع لكتاب من سلسلة روايات “فرحانة” للأطفال للكاتبة “رانيا أمين”مؤلفة السلسلة، وذلك السبت الموافق 27 نوفمبر المقبل، فى السادسة مساءً، بمقر المكتبة بالدقى. Continue reading

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November Events at Al-Balsam Bookstore in Cairo

Make particular note of the author event on the 27th (and, if you live nearby, you’ll certainly want to drop in on one or more of the storytelling sessions). Also, check out the November events for kids at Shorouk stores.

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And the Five Books on the Etisalat Arabic Children’s Lit Shortlist Are…

Congratulations to all, although of course especially to my beloved Egyptians, Walid and Rania! Continue reading

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When is Moralizing in Children’s Books OK?

One of the biggest turn-offs of (some) Arabic children’s books is the heavy, uncomfortable, finger-wagging moralizing. Two finger-wagging titles that spring to mind are The Three Martyrs (which my son picked up in a stationery store) and Give the Dough … Continue reading

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